The Farm

Among Urbino’s hills, so acclaimed by the writers of the past I founded my business. Far away from any urban and artificial pollution, in a hidden valley I put the first “brick” of what became my snail farm some months later.
The farm is surrounded by seasonal growing cultures for constantly supplying food for snails without using any chemical substances.
A greenhouse allows not only the continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity to which snails are used but also it grants the protection from all the animal species that eat them.
Since the beginning the project contemplates to reproduce in the smallest details the natural environment where these clams live, reproduce and grow, limiting any trauma coming from the farm its-self.
The extraction of the snail secretion is done exclusively through manual process in the complete and total respect of these animals in order to reduce the mortality to zero. The secretion is filtrated and then micro-filtrated many times in order to remove any impurities.